Crypto Cards

A fun card game where you can win even during a bear market!

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About Crypto Cards


You'll recognize a lot of memes on the cards and have plenty of fun playing the game with your family and friends.


The game rules are very simple and straightforward. Rules are also written on each action card, so they're easy to follow.


Every card holds a story behind it. Use these stories to teach your friends about crypto in a fun and educational way.

How to play

Grab yourself as many value cards as you can:

Fight opponents with action cards:

But watch out that you don't stumble upon this one:

(although Carlos would love it)

Whoever has the biggest crypto portfolio in the end, wins!

The Gameplay

If you'd like to see how the gameplay looks like, check out this video made by a famous YouTuber Crypt0:


Crypto Cards is a great game to play at evenings with friends or to distract yourself while Blockfolio shows red. ;)
- Peter from LoCoins

I love the Crypto Cards game dynamics which brings the uncertainty until the very end. And that's the real magic of it!
- Mateja

My team and I had lots of fun playing Crypto Cards on the crypto picnic. Really a nice game to relax and unwind.
- Tomaz from Limitlex

Crypto Cards is a fun game to pass the time when travelling. It's light to carry and goes well together with my deep interest in crypto!
- Nina

When you plant the Bit Connect card on your coworker during a break while yelling "waso-waso-wasuuuup" - priceless!
- Martin

Playing this game helped me make new acquaintances - even if I planted someone the BitConnect card that no one wants. :)
- Tim