TOP 10 Most Stupid Tweets By Faketoshi Craig Wright

TOP 10 Most Stupid Tweets By Faketoshi Craig Wright

15 Nov 2018

1) A Freudian slip

Craig complained of not being mentioned in the CoinDesk's "Most Influential People In Crypto" survey. CoinDesk cheekily replied that Satoshi Nakamoto is mentioned. The real Satoshi would have noticed that. ;)

2) 2018 - The Year of Bitcoin Cash

Clearly... :)

3) Someone does not understand the meaning of trustless

4) Nor why Bitcoin is permission-less

5) BTC going down to $1000?

Because of the BCH hash war? Really? :)

6) An answer to a question with two choices


7) Craig, The Destroyer Of Coins!

And also a master reverse engineer. :D

8) Patents! Patents everywhere!

And every day!

9) Crazy rich dr. Craig working 80+ hours a week...

... and still has time to shitpost on Twitter :D

10) Craig going full billionaire...

... or rather full retard?

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