Top 10 Most Beautiful Cryptocurrency Logos

Top 10 Most Beautiful Cryptocurrency Logos

29 Jan 2019

Some people decide on what cryptocurrency to invest in based on its logo.

While we don't believe this strategy works, we nevertheless decided to help these people out by choosing the top 10 most beautiful cryptocurrency logos.

Start preparing those buy orders fellas... :)

10. Bitcoin

Bitcoin logo is certainly the most recognizable crypto logo because of Bitcoin’s popularity. Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency pioneer and has a simple uppercase B with the two lines going through it which is similar to the dollar sign. This, along with the circle, symbolizes a currency (a coin).

9. Lisk

Lisk is a blockchain platform for building and deploying decentralized applications (dApps) in JavaScript. The logo follows one important rule for designing logos - simplicity. The two lines come together to shape a diamond shape and symbolize something valuable.

8. Ethereum

Ethereum logo is minimalistic and also has a diamond shape. It uses different shades of grey to visualize a 3D diamond. The split between symbolizes two parties that are needed to complete a transaction.

7. Monero

Monero is arguably the most popular anonymous cryptocurrency. It is another cryptocurrency that uses a letter in its logo. The uppercase M is in a circle and divided by two different colors.

6. Maker

Maker is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that lives entirely on the blockchain. Maker’s main product is a stable coin and the logo certainly symbolizes that. The logo is made out of two lines that lean on each other and make a big letter M.

5. EOS

EOS is another platform for decentralized applications that wants to rival Ethereum. Its logo is a geometrical shape with white lines on the black background. The shape is called a chestahedron after the designer Frank Chester and has 7 surfaces.

4. Bancor

Bancor is a blockchain protocol that allows users to convert between different tokens directly as opposed to exchanging them on cryptocurrency exchanges. The logo consists of two blocks on top of each other which symbolizes blockchain and also form the letter B.


IOTA has a simple and unique logo. The logo represents the Tangle which is a data structure behind IOTA's distributed ledger and protocol. Tangle is a stream (graph) of interlinked and individual transactions and the logo symbolizes that.


ICON logo is very simple and memorable. It is just two turquoise half circles connecting to make a circle. There are also two dots which represent communities that are connected with the ICON platform. ICON’s main product is a platform that allows various blockchains to interact with each other via smart contracts.

1. Aeternity

Aeternity is another smart contract platform that tackles the problem of smart contract scalability. We absolutely love this logo as it is both incredibly simple and effective. Aeternity’s logo consists of the letters A and E which connect to make the logo that represents the eternity (a sideways 8).

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