Running out of Christmas gift ideas? Look no further.

Running out of Christmas gift ideas? Look no further.

14 Dec 2018

Well, it's about time you start shopping for Christmas, especially if you have a big family and/or friends who like to gift each other.

The usual suspects are funny t-shirts, coffee mugs, ugly Christmas sweaters etc. But if you'd like to buy something specific, crypto-related, we have an idea for you.

Crypto Cards

Crypto Cards is a card game on the topic of cryptocurrencies. It's a real game, not a virtual/digital one.

How does it look like?

There are 50 cards in a deck. Some cards are called "value cards", the others are "action cards".

Value cards represent 5 well-known cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. Your main objective in the game is to collect as many value cards as you can.

The other type of cards is the action card. It comes in many flavors: ICO card, Hacker card, SEC card, STOP card etc. You use action cards to fight your opponents and grab yourself as many value cards as you can.

But there's more. We haven't told you yet about a special card that we can technically consider as a "value" card, although you wouldn't want to hold it. Why? Because it decreases your portfolio value by half, that's why!

This is the infamous Bitconnect card:

Where can I get the game?

We thought you'd never ask. :)

You can find Crypto Cards on Amazon, more precisely on these three Amazon marketplaces:

So if you're considering gifting a friend or a family member who's interested in crypto, this game might be just the right thing to buy.

Happy holidays! :)

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