Crypto Fund Experiment (November 2019): Maker rises up

Crypto Fund Experiment (November 2019): Maker rises up

06 Nov 2019

The past 30 days (7 October - 6 November) have seen Bitcoin and Ethereum make some modest gains, but the real winner is Maker, which shot up past our initial investment of $200.

Maker now stands at $203.45 in our portfolio.

The chart

Let's take a look at the updated chart that shows how cryptos in our portfolio are doing:

As you can see, Maker has a significant lead over a group of three other coins: Ethereum, Bitcoin and Nimiq.

Trailing significantly behind is Beam which took quite a hit.

The rankings

The new order of cryptos in our portfolio from best to worst is:

  1. Maker (+1)
  2. Ether (+1)
  3. Bitcoin (+2)
  4. Nimiq (-3)
  5. Beam (-1)

While the total value of our portfolio has grown since the last report (from $766.07 to $821.57) it's still below what we initially invested, $1000.

Hopefully, the recovery of the portfolio value will continue to go on in (at least) the next 30 days too. It's time to dig out of the "red" numbers! :)

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