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Crypto Cards now available on Amazon Europe!

We are delighted to announce that our Crypto Cards game is finally available for purchase via Amazon Europe (more precisely, the German version :) Here's the link to the Crypto Cards ... Read more

19 Oct 2018

The Evolution of the Crypto Cards Design

By now you’re probably familiar with the design of the Crypto Cards game. It looks like this: But the idea for this design didn’t just suddenly appear. In fact, the idea had to go ... Read more

17 Oct 2018

How Getting Hacked Made Mark Karpelès a Billionaire

The story behind Mt. Gox and its subsequent hack are one of the most interesting and the weirdest stories in the cryptocurrency space. This blog post will focus on the rise and fall of Mt. Gox, once ... Read more

10 Oct 2018

The Great Bitcoin Civil War 2015-2017 -  How & why?

In 2010, a block-size limit was added to the Bitcoin code by its founder, Satoshi Nakamoto. The limit was 1 MB and it was considered a temporary anti-spam measure. Satoshi left the Bitcoin community ... Read more

03 Oct 2018

Vitalik clapping, Vitalik impress

This is a part of our series of posts where we explain the meanings behind the motives on our cards. There are two types of cards in the Crypto Cards game: Value cards, such as Monero, Bitcoin, ... Read more

26 Sep 2018

Crypto Cards at the Crypto Picnic

We made the Genesis Edition of the Crypto Cards available at the annual Slovenian Crypto picnic. Right now you’re probably wondering: What the heck are Crypto Cards? Well, Crypto Cards are a brand ... Read more

16 Sep 2018