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Time to say goodbye...

We've started Crypto Cards a little over a year ago with the intention of offering a fun card game that you could play with your friends. While it's been a fun and interesting ride, we haven't been ... Read more

29 Nov 2019

Crypto Fund Experiment (November 2019): Maker rises up

The past 30 days (7 October - 6 November) have seen Bitcoin and Ethereum make some modest gains, but the real winner is Maker, which shot up past our initial investment of $200. Maker now stands at ... Read more

06 Nov 2019

Crypto Fund Experiment - October 2019 Report

The last couple of weeks haven't been good for crypto, especially for Bitcoin. Shortly after Bakkt launched, Bitcoin took a huge hit. So it comes with no surprise that our portfolio is buried in red ... Read more

06 Oct 2019

Crypto Fund Experiment - September 2019 Report

It's been a month since we started our Crypto Fund experiment in August 2019. We ... Read more

06 Sep 2019

Debunking the #1 myth about Bitcoin: Bitcoin does not have a fundamental value.

This myth is often phrased as Bitcoin is not backed by anything. Unfortunately, many in the crypto community bite this by saying: Well, fiat is not backed by anything either. Which is a wrong ... Read more

10 Aug 2019

Crypto Fund Experiment - How Will Our Investment Perform?

Inspired by this similar experiment we decided to invest $1000 and create our very own crypto fund. But unlike the ... Read more

06 Aug 2019

Why Governments Crushing Libra Would Be A Good Thing For Crypto

Since Facebook announced Libra, many politicians and regulators have raised their heads and said: Hold on, not so fast! As Marshall Auerback put it very well in his recent Salon article: Facebook is ... Read more

02 Jul 2019

4 Types Of Cryptocurrency Which Should Be Afraid Of Libra

Today, Facebook has officially confirmed what has been a “public secret” for months: they are issuing a new cryptocurrency. The details of how Libra will work are laid out at the website. ... Read more

18 Jun 2019

The “re-org conspiracy“ shows why crypto diversity is good for Bitcoin

As you’re probably aware, crypto exchange Binance was hacked at the beginning of May 2019. In the aftermath, the Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) toyed with the idea of “undoing” the hack by ... Read more

15 May 2019

What Is Crypto Staking And Can It Be A Passive Income For You?

While we have not seen many gains in the past year there is a new way to make a little bit of money and that is by staking your coins or tokens in order to earn passive income. While you may argue ... Read more

30 Apr 2019