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Top 10 Most Beautiful Cryptocurrency Logos

Some people decide on what cryptocurrency to invest in based on its logo. While we don't believe this strategy works, we nevertheless decided to help these people out by choosing the top 10 most ... Read more

29 Jan 2019

SEC And Crypto: A Love-Hate Relationship

SEC and cryptocurrencies have always had a special kind of relationship. You could describe it as a love-hate relationship. Like any other love-hate relationship, this one isn't too healthy either. ... Read more

22 Dec 2018

Running out of Christmas gift ideas? Look no further.

Well, it's about time you start shopping for Christmas, especially if you have a big family and/or friends who like to gift each other. The usual suspects are funny t-shirts, coffee mugs, ugly ... Read more

14 Dec 2018

How to launch an ICO for less than $10

Ok, this one comes quite late, considering the ICO market is practically dead. But on the other hand, security tokens are coming (one of the first few is, for example, Iconomi) - but more about this ... Read more

28 Nov 2018

TOP 10 Best Performing Cryptocurrencies In 2018 (so far)

While 2017 was the year when every possible coin and token had massive gains, 2018 is the year where reality came knocking at the door. In 2017 you could literally pick any token on CoinMarketCap, ... Read more

21 Nov 2018

TOP 10 Most Stupid Tweets By Faketoshi Craig Wright

1) A Freudian slip Craig complained of not being mentioned in the CoinDesk's Most Influential People In Crypto survey. CoinDesk cheekily replied that Satoshi Nakamoto is mentioned. The real Satoshi ... Read more

15 Nov 2018

Sweden is becoming a cashless society. But does it really work?

A few days ago, an interesting article appeared on the World Economic Forum website: "Why Sweden's ... Read more

15 Nov 2018

How to go from $3 billion to zero in only one year

In the cryptocurrency world, anything is possible - even going from the 3 billion dollar market cap to a zero in less than a year. How you may ask? By organizing, running and eventually shutting ... Read more

14 Nov 2018

How to launder your coins

One of the most widely used methods of laundering cryptocurrency is called shuffling. The other synonyms for a shuffling are mixing and tumbling. But we’ll stick to the word “shuffle” because this is ... Read more

07 Nov 2018

Today is the 10th anniversary of the Bitcoin whitepaper. Did Satoshi create a digital cash or a digital gold?

This week marks the 10th anniversary of Satoshi Nakamoto's whitepaper. On October 31, 2008, a man claiming to be from Japan named Satoshi Nakamoto published a whitepaper on Bitcoin. Satoshi ... Read more

31 Oct 2018